Brazil Trade Surplus Hit Record High

Brazil recorded a USD 6.24 billion trade surplus in December of 2015, up from a USD 0.29 billion surplus a year earlier as imports slumped 39 percent.

Year-on-year, exports fell 4.05 percent to USD 16.78 billion in December, the lowest drop since March. Decline in sales was observed for: coffee (-27.8 percent), orange juice (-55.8 percent), aluminium (-31.1 percent), pork (-22.2 percent), beef (-15.4 percent), chicken (-6.9 percent), leather (-23.1 percent), iron ore (-36 percent), gasoline (-36.5 percent) and oil (-39.4 percent). In contrast, exports increased for ethanol (66.1 percent), maize (67 percent), cotton (24.5 percent), cellulose (15.1 percent), refined sugar (17.2 percent) and soybeans (282.9 percent). 

Imports declined at a faster 38.7 percent to USD 10.5 billion, the biggest drop since March of 2009.

Considering 2015, the country posted a posted a USD 19.681 billion trade surplus, rebounding from a USD 4 billion gap in 2014. Exports fell 15.1 percent to USD 191.13 billion. Imports slumped 25.2 percent to USD 171.45 billion mainly due lower demand for foreign products as real depreciated 47 percent.

Brazil Trade Surplus Hit Record High

Joana Taborda |
1/5/2016 3:52:54 PM