Australia's Trade Gap Widens in November

Australia reported a trade deficit of $925m in November 2014, an increase of 5 percent compared to the previous month, as both exports and imports rose by 1 percent.
ABS | 1/6/2015 12:54:49 AM
In seasonally adjusted terms, exports rose $160m (1%) to $27,085m. Non-rural goods shipments rose $486m (3%) with other mineral fuels up $529m (21%) and machinery up $101m (13%). Rural goods exports rose $179m (6%) with cereal grains and cereal preparations up $143m (27%). Non-monetary gold fell $519m (38%). Net exports of goods under merchanting remained steady at $43m. Service credits rose $14m.

Imports rose $208m (1%) to $28,010m. Intermediate and other merchandise goods rose $224m (2%) and consumption goods rose $131m (2%). Non-monetary gold fell $90m (27%) and capital goods fell $78m (1%). Service debits rose $20m.