China Trade Surplus Widens 12.8% YoY in 2013

In 2013, Chinese trade surplus amounted to USD 260 billion, up 12.8 percent from 2012, as exports to the US and Europe recovered. Total exports and imports surpassed 4 trillion USD for the first time and reached 4.16 trillion USD in 2013.

In December of 2013, exports rose 4.3 percent in December from a year earlier to USD 207 billion, down from a 12.7 percent rise in November. Compared with the previous month, sales increased 2.7 percent.

Shipments to the United States increased 3 percent in December yoy, while sales to the European Union rose 3.9 percent and those to Japan surged 5.5 percent.

In the last month of 2013, imports increased 8.3 percent on the year to 182 billion USD, up from a 5.4 percent growth rate in November. Month-over-month, purchases expanded 8.1 percent.

For the full year, exports amounted to USD 2.21 tn, an increase of 7.9 percent, narrowly missing the government target of 8 percent. Imports rose 7.3 percent yoy to USD 1.95 tn.

China Trade Surplus Widens 12.8% YoY in 2013

Joana Taborda |
1/10/2014 11:07:39 AM