Greek Jobless Rate Falls Slightly to 20.7% in October

The Greek seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 20.7 percent in October of 2017, following an upwardly revised 20.8 percent in the previous month. Still, Greek unemployment rate remains more than double the Eurozone's average.
ELSTAT | Stefanie Moya | 1/11/2018 11:06:42 AM

Compared with the previous month, the number of unemployed declined by 0.5 percent to 0.99 million and the number of employed decreased to 3.80 million, an insignificant change.

A year earlier, the unemployment rate was recorded at 23.3 percent. The number of unemployed persons fell by 11.1 percent while employment increased by 3.0 percent. 

The 15-24 age group recorded the highest unemployment rate (40.8 percent from 44.4 percent in October of 2016), followed by the 25-34 age group (25.7 percent from 29.7 percent), the 35-44 age group (18.9 percent from 19.7 percent), the 55-64 age group (16.7 percent from 19.5 percent), the 45-54 age group (16.4 percent from 18.8 percent), and the 65-74 age group (12.5 percent from 17.6 percent).

The unemployment rate among women declined to 25.4 percent in October from 27.9 percent a year earlier, while among men it decreased to 17.0 percent from 19.5 percent.

Among the country's regions, the highest unemployment rates were reported for Epirus-Western Macedonia (25.8 percent), followed by Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian Islands (21.9 percent), Macedonia-Thrace (21.4 percent) and Attica (21.2 percent); while Crete recorded the lowest rate (14.8 percent).

Greek Jobless Rate Falls Slightly to 20.7% in October