Mexico Trade Surplus Narrows in December

Mexican trade surplus decreased to USD 254 million in December of 2014 from a USD 1626 million surplus a year earlier, hurt by a drop in oil sales.

Exports rose 6.4 percent yoy to USD 34115 million. While non-oil sales advanced 14.3 percent, oil sales fell 43.7 percent. Shipments to the United States grew 16.2 percent and those to the rest of the world surged 6.2 percent.

Imports increased 11.2 percent to USD 33861 million. Purchases of intermediate goods rose the most (13.5 percent), followed by consumption goods (11 percent) and capital goods (1.7 percent). 

In 2014, Mexico trade gap widened 106.17 percent to USD 2441 million, as the oil surplus narrowed to USD 1490 million from USD 8625 million recorded in the previous year.

Mexico Trade Surplus Narrows in December

INEGI | Carolina |
1/27/2015 2:49:52 PM