Italian Trade Surplus Highest in 5-Months

Italian trade surplus increased to €5.76 billion in December of 2014 from €3.61 billion a year earlier, as exports rose and imports declined.

Compared with December of 2013, exports grew 6.3 percent to € 33.33 billion. Imports fell 1.3 percent to € 25.58 billion as internal demand remains fragile.

For 2014 as a whole, Italy posted a trade surplus of € 42.90 billion, up from a € 29.23 billion surplus in 2013 and the largest since 1993. Exports grew 2 percent driven by an increase in sales to EU countries (+3.7 percent) while imports declined 1.6 percent due to a sharp drop in energy products (-19.5 percent). 

In 2014, exports to Belgium (+15.7 percent) posted the highest gain, followed by the United States (+10.2 percent) and Poland (+9.9 percent). Meanwhile, imports from OPEC countries (-29.4 percent) and Russia (-20 percent) declined the most.

Motor vehicles sales registered the highest increase (+10 percent), followed by pharmaceutical articles, chemical and botanical medicines (+5.6 percent) and transport – excluding motor vehicles (+5.5 percent). On the other hand, imports of natural gas (-25.9 percent) and refined petroleum products (-17.1 percent) declined the most. 

Italian Trade Surplus Highest in 5-Months

Istat | Carolina Cunha |
2/17/2015 12:03:12 PM