Kenya Inflation Rate Rises Marginally in February

Consumer prices in Kenya advanced 5.61 percent year-on-year in February of 2015 due to higher food cost. It is the first rise in 6 months. In February last year, inflation was 6.86 percent.

Year-on-year, food prices accelerated 8.7 percent (7.67 percent in January). Cost of clothing and footwear increased 4.53 percent, prices of furnishing and household edge up to 4.44 percent and clothing and footwear index rose 4.53 percent. Transport cost increased 3.42 percent, down from a 5.31 percent rise in January.

On a monthly basis, inflation rate jumped to 2.93 percent, following a 0.61 increase in the previous month, as food prices accelerated further (+ 5.01 percent from a 0.96 percent rise in January). The increase was mainly attributed to higher cost of ordinary vegetables, milk and other products due to the weather conditions experienced in the first two months of the year.

Additional upward pressure came from clothing and footwear (+2.86 percent), furnishing and household equipment (+ 2.72 percent) and housing, water, electricity and gas (+1.09 percent). The only monthly decrease registered was transports (-0.96 percent), mainly from notable reductions in the pump prices of petrol and diesel. 

Kenya Inflation Rate Rises Marginally in February

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics | Carolina Cunha |
2/27/2015 1:18:55 PM