French Trade Deficit Widens in January

French trade deficit increased in January of 2014 to a seasonally adjusted € 5.7 billion from € 5.2 billion in the previous month and € 5.4 billion a year earlier. Exports declined hurt by lower sales of manufactured goods, art and arms and imports remained almost unchanged.
Joana Taborda | 3/7/2014 12:33:17 PM
Exports shrank 1.78 percent over the previous month to € 36.28 billion. Deliveries of manufactured goods fell due to lower sales of clothing, leather goods, business aircraft, boats, pharmaceuticals and electrical equipment. In contrast, shipments of airbus, industrial machinery, chemicals and agricultural products remained stable. 

Sales to the EU decreased but remained firm to Europe. Shipments to Asia, America and the Middle East went down, while those to Africa increased.

Year-on-year, shipments fell 0.8 percent.

Imports dropped slightly by 0.33 percent over December to € 42 billion, but were steady on the year. 

Purchases of motor vehicles fall after a surge in December. Imports of jewelry and supplies related to manufacturing airbus also decreased. These declines are largely offset by increased purchases of refined petroleum products and chemicals.

French Trade Deficit Widens in January