Australia Reports Trade Deficit in January

In seasonally adjusted terms, Australia reported a trade deficit of $673m in January 2012, a turnaround of $1,998m on the surplus in December 2011.

In seasonally adjusted terms, exports fell $2,279m (8%) to $25,372m. Non-rural goods fell $1,193m (6%), non-monetary gold fell $1,070m (56%) and rural goods fell $137m (5%). Net exports of goods under merchanting rose $3m (50%). Services credits rose $118m (3%).

In seasonally adjusted terms, imports fell $281m (1%) to $26,045m. Intermediate and other merchandise goods fell $477m (5%) and capital goods fell $75m (1%). Consumption goods rose $164m (3%) and non-monetary gold rose $28m (6%). Services debits rose $79m (2%).

Australia Reports Trade Deficit in January, ABS
3/9/2012 11:40:09 AM