China Inflation Decelerates in February

Chinese annual inflation rate slowed to 2 percent in February after growing 2.5 percent in each of previous two months. It was the lowest rate in thirteen months.

Food prices decelerated to 2.7 percent from January's 3.7 percent. Cost of fruit recorded the highest increase (19.7 percent), followed by prices of vegetables, grain and aquatic products.  

In contrast, cost of poultry and meat dropped with the price of pork decreasing 8.7 percent.
Prices of non-food products decellerated to 1.6 percent from 1.9 percent in January.

On a monthly basis, the inflation rate slowed to 0.5 percent. Food cost increased 1.7 percent (down from 3.7 percent in January) while non-food prices remained flat.

China Inflation Decelerates in February

Joana Taborda |
3/10/2014 12:40:12 AM