Japan's GDP Growth Revised Down to 0.4% in Q4

Japan's GDP advanced 0.4 percent quarted-on-quarter in October to December period, against a preliminary reading of a 0.6 percent as upward revision in public demand was not enough to offset a weaker growth in private demand.
ESRI | anna@tradingeconomics.com 3/9/2015 12:30:29 AM
Private demand rose 0.1 percent adding 0.1 percentage point to the growth (preliminary data showed 0.4 percent growth). Housing investment decreased 1.2 percent while capital spending dropped 0.1 percent (preliminary data showed 0.2 percent growth). There was a decrease in private inventories which subtracted 0.2 percent from the growth. Private consumption, which accounts for about 60 percent of the economy, rose 0.5 percent (preliminary data showed 0.3 percent growth) and contributed 0.3 percentage point to the expansion.

Public demand increased 0.3 percent (preliminary data showed only 0.1 percent growth) adding 0.1 percentage point to the growth. Government consumption and public investment grew 0.3 and 0.8 percent respectively.

Net exports added 0.2 percentage point to the growth as external demand (2.8 percent) rose faster than imports (1.3 percent)

The fourth quarter gross domestic product figure translated into an annualised expansion of 1.5 percent against a preliminary reading of 2.2 percent.