Netherlands Trade Surplus Widens to 10-Month High

Trade surplus in Netherlands increased to € 4.26 billion in January of 2014 from € 4.05 billion a year earlier, as imports declined. Compared with December of 2013, the trade surplus increased by € 0.77 billion.

Exports amounted to € 36.1 billion in January of 2014, almost unchanged over a year earlier. The volume of exports increased 0.6 percent from January 2013, and grew modestly (0.2 percent) on a monthly basis. 

Imports fell by 2.0 percent on the year to € 31.8 billion. The volume grew by 0.3 percent yoy, after rising by 1.3 percent in December of 2013.

The trade value of raw materials and mineral fuels dropped significantly in January. Exports to the EU countries were slightly higher than in January 2013, but sales to non-EU countries declined substantially yoy.

According to March’s Export Radar, circumstances for Dutch exports improved marginally compared to the preceding month.

Netherlands Trade Surplus Widens to 10-Month High

CBS | Isabel Felino |
3/14/2014 11:24:11 AM