Pakistan Trade Deficit Narrows in February

Trade deficit in Pakistan decreased in February of 2014 to PKR -150 billion from PKR -151 billion a year earlier and PKR -218 billion in January of 2014. On a monthly basis, exports rose by PKR 10 billion and imports dropped by PKR 57 billion.

Exports amounted to PKR 227.6 billion, in February of 2014, against PKR 217.2 billion in the previous month (+4.81 percent increase) and PKR 179.747 billion in February of 2013 (+26.63 percent increase).

Imports amounted to PKR 378.2 billion, compared with PKR 436.0 billion in January of 2014 (-13.3 percent) and PKR 331.5 billion in February of 2013 (+14.1 percent). 

On a monthly basis, the exports’ rise was mainly due to increases in sales of cotton yarn (27.5 percent), cotton cloth (12.2 percent) and towels (11.9 percent). The decrease in imports was mainly due to the fall in purchases of power generating machinery (-62.4 percent), raw cotton (-24.4 percent), palm oil (-20.3 percent), medicinal products (-19.5 percent), iron and steel (-17.3 percent). 

Compared with the previous year, exports of rice grew the most (44.3 percent) followed by made-up articles (39.7 percent), bed wear (34.3 percent) and knitwear (33.6 percent). Imports of crude petroleum increased 77.3 percent, purchases of mobile phones rose 19.5 percent, and those of petroleum and medicinal products (16.5 percent and 10.3 percent, respectively).

Pakistan Trade Deficit Narrows in February

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics | Isabel Felino |
3/24/2014 1:13:42 PM