German Unemployment Rate Up to 5.1%

In February of 2014, German seasonally adjusted jobless rate rose slightly to 5.1 percent from 5.0 percent in the previous month, figures published by the Federal Statistical Office showed. Youth unemployment rose to 7.7 percent from 7.6 percent in January.

In February 2014, roughly 41.7 million persons resident in Germany were in employment according to provisional calculations of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). Compared with February 2013, this was an increase of 315,000 persons or 0.8%. The corresponding growth rate was +0.6% in the months October to December 2013, while it was +0.7% in January 2014. The mild winter was one of the factors contributing to this development. In February 2014, roughly 2.3 million people were unemployed, 198,000 fewer than a year earlier. 

According to provisional results of the employment accounts, the number of persons in employment increased by 29,000, or 0.1%, from January 2014 to February 2014. After seasonal adjustment, that is, after the elimination of the usual seasonal fluctuations, the number of persons in employment increased by 45,000, or 0.1%, in February 2014 compared with the previous month. 

Results of the labour force survey show that there were 2.35 million unemployed in February 2014, representing a decrease of 198,000, or 7.8%, on February 2013. Compared with January 2014, the number of unemployed was down by 47,000, or 1.7%. Adjusted for seasonal and irregular effects, the number of unemployed stood at 2.17 million. The adjusted unemployment rate was 5.1% in February 2014.  

German Unemployment Rate Up to 5.1%

Destatis | Joana Taborda |
4/1/2014 8:31:20 AM