Germany Trade Surplus Increases 8.6% in February

German trade surplus widened to € 16.3 billion in February of 2014 from € 15.0 billion in the previous month. Compared with the same month last year, the trade surplus narrowed slightly by 3 percent, as imports rose the most in nearly two-and-a-half years.
Destatis | Joana Taborda | 4/9/2014 8:57:05 AM
Exports increased 4.6 percent on the year in February to € 92.4 billion euros and imports surged 6.5 percent to € 76.1 billion. 

Germany exported € 54.7 billion to the EU countries, while it received goods worth € 50.2 billion from those countries. Year-on-year, exports to the EU countries increased by 6.7 percent and arrivals from those countries by 9.0 percent. 

Sales to the Euro Area countries reached € 34.9 billion (+3.7 percent) in February, while the value of goods received from those countries was € 34.6 billion (+8.4 percent). 

Shipments to the EU countries not belonging to the Euro Area amounted to € 19.9 billion (+12.4 percent), while the value of the goods which arrived from those countries was € 15.7 billion (+10.4 percent).

Exports of goods to countries outside the European Union amounted to € 37.7 billion in February, while imports from those countries totaled € 25.9 billion. Compared with February of 2013, exports to third countries increased by 1.8 percent and imports from those countries by 2.0 percent. 

The month-on-month comparison showed opposite developments of exports and imports upon calendar and seasonal adjustment. While exports decreased by 1.3 percent on January of 2014, imports increased by 0.4 percent.

Germany Trade Surplus Increases 8.6% in February