China GDP Growth Disappoints in Q1

China's economic recovery unexpectedly stumbled in the first three months of 2013 as the annual rate of growth eased back to 7.7 percent from the 7.9 percent pace set in the final quarter of last year.

Domestic consumption was the biggest driver of growth in Q1, delivering 4.3 percentage points of the 7.7 percent total. Capital formation delivered 2.3 percentage points while exports generated the 1.1 percentage point balance.

China's real estate investment rose 20.2 percent Q1 on a year earlier, while revenues from property sales rose 61.3 percent, adding to worries of an unsustainable house price boom.

Quarter on quarter, Q1 GDP expanded 1.6 percent, according to National Bureau of Statistics data.

China GDP Growth Disappoints in Q1
5/22/2013 2:18:14 PM