German Trade Surplus Dissapoints in March

Germany reported a trade surplus of €16.4 billion in March of 2014, down from €18.9 billion surplus shown a year earlier as imports increased more than exports.

Exports rose to €96.0 billion from €94.2 billion a year earlier (+1.9 percent). Comparing with March of 2013, shipments to European Union countries increased by 3.6 percent to €55.5 billion of which €35.2 billion (+0.1 percent) were dispatched to the Euro Area.

Sales to EU countries not belonging to the Euro Area reached €20.4 billion (+10.4 percent), while exports of goods to countries outside the European Union amounted to €40.5 billion (-0.4 percent).

Imports increased to €79.6 billion from €75.4 billion in March of 2013. Inflows from the EU totalled €52.5 billion (+4.9 percent year-on-year) of which €36.1 billion came from the Euro Area (+2.3 percent). Purchases from non-European Union Members increased 7.1 percent to €27.1 billion.

German Trade Surplus Dissapoints in March

Destatis | Nuno Fontes |
5/9/2014 10:26:29 AM