Irish Trade Surplus Narrows Slightly

Ireland posted a €3.4 billion trade surplus in March of 2015, down from a €3.8 billion surplus in the previous month as exports declined and imports rose.

Preliminary figures for March 2015 show that seasonally adjusted exports decreased by 2 percent to €8,366 million while imports rose 4 percent to €4,941 million.

Year-on-year, sales surged 20.8 percent, boosted by a 58 percent increase in shipments of medical and pharmaceutical products. Imports increased 14.2 percent.

In the first quarter of 2015, exports increased by 17 percent and imports rose by 10 percent when compared with the first three months of 2014.

Irish Trade Surplus Narrows Slightly

CSO | Joana Taborda |
5/15/2015 11:19:13 AM