Japan Trade Deficit Widens in April

Japan trade deficit widened in April to 880 billion yen as the boost to exporters from a weaker yen was overshadowed by rising imports prices.

Exports rose 3.8 percent yoy to 5.777 trillion yen, marking a second straight month of gains.

Exports to China grew slightly by 0.3 percent yoy to 998 billion yen, while exports to all of Asia rose 4.3 percent yoy. Exports to the United States grew 14.8 percent yoy to 1.101 trillion yen, while exports to the debt-ridden European Union declined 3.5 percent yoy to 562 billion yen.

Imports rose 9.4 percent yoy to 6.657 trillion yen, up for a sixth straight month.

Imports from Asia grew 13.1 percent yoy to 2.9 trillion yen. Imports from China alone gained 13.3 percent yoy. Imports from the United States rose 0.8 percent on year to 538 billion yen, while imports from the European Union jumped 15.2 percent to 601 billion yen.

Japan Trade Deficit Widens in April

Ministry of Finance Japan | Nuno Fontes | nuno@tradingeconomics.com
5/22/2013 10:38:27 AM