Russia Unemployment Rate Down To 5.6% In April

In April, Russia unemployment rate was recorded at 5.6 percent, down 0.1 percentage points from 5.7 percent reported in March. In the same period, the number of unemployed decreased to 4.18 million from 4.25 million in March of 2013 and from 4.20 million in April of 2012.

The number of economically active population aged 15-72 years (employed + unemployed) in April 2013. amounted to 75.3 million people , or about 53% of the total population of the country.

Among the economically active population, 71.1 million people were classified as engaged in economic activity and 4.2 million people as unemployed using the ILO criteria (ie, had no job or gainful employment, looking for work and were ready to start surveyed in week).

Compared with March, the number of employed people in April 2013 increased by 154 thousand persons or 0.2%, the number of unemployed decreased by 71 thousand or 1.7%. Compared with April 2012 number of people employed increased by 100 thousand or 0.1%, the number of unemployed fell by 24 thousand or 0.6%.

The total number of unemployed was 3.9 times higher than the number of unemployed registered at public employment services. In late April 2013,  in public employment services, 1061 thousand peoplewere registered as unemployed which is 2.1% less than in March and 15.4% - compared with April 2012. 70% of the unemployed were looking for a job on their own, without the assistance of employment services.

Russia Unemployment Rate Down To 5.6% In April

Duarte Ricardo |
5/24/2013 3:19:45 PM