Mexico Posts Trade Deficit in April

The Mexican trade balance swung into a USD 85 million gap in April of 2015 from a USD 499 million surplus a year earlier as exports fell more than imports.

Year-on-year, sales shrank 3.3 percent to USD 32.95 billion, driven by a 50.5 percent drop in oil sales and a 25.3 percent decrease in mining shipments. In contrast, non-oil exports increased 2.7 percent (mainly to the United States, where shipments grew 4.6 percent), as exports of manufactured goods rose 3.2 percent, boosted by a 12.2 percent surge in auto sales.

Imports contracted 1.6 percent to USD 33.04 billion, as oil consumption goods fell 34.8 percent and oil intermediate goods dropped 25.4 percent. In contrast, non-oil imports grew 2.0 percent, while capital goods went up by 3.0 percent.

On a monthly basis, exports increased 1.4 percent and imports grew at a faster 3.3 percent.

Mexico Posts Trade Deficit in April

INEGI | Joana Ferreira |
5/25/2015 3:00:18 PM