French Trade Deficit Narrows in April

French trade gap decreased to €3.00 billion in April of 2015 from a revised €4.41 billion deficit recorded in the preceding month and beating market forecasts, as exports grew while imports fell.
Ministere de I'Economie et des Finances l Rida Husna l 6/5/2015 8:36:37 AM
Exports increased by 1.37 percent to € 38.20 billion in April of 2015 as compared to a month earlier. Outbond shipments increased for: aerospace industry products (+13.9 percent); works of arts, technical documentation, publishing products (+9.4 percent); perfumes, cosmetics, cleaning products (+5.0 percent); agriculture (+4.2 percent); wood, paper, cardboard (+3.2 percent); computers, electronic, opticals (+1.2 percent); electrical & household equipment (+1.4 percent); metallurgical and metal products (+0.9 percent) and pharmaceuticals (+0.4 percent). In contrast, sales declined for: natural hydrocarbons (-8.4 percent); refined oils (-13.2 percent); ships, trains, bikes (-6.1 percent); automotive products (-5.0 percent); chemicals (-3.3 percent) and jewelry, toys, furniture (-1.9 percent).

Shipments increased to the Asia countries (+5.1 percent), Africa (+1.6 percent) and the European countries outside UE (+13.0 percent). In contrast, sales declined to the Middle East countries (-14.6 percent), American countries (-0.1 percent) and the EU countries (-0.1 percent).

Imports declined by 2.11 percent to € 41.20 billion as compared to the previous month. Purchases dropped  the most for natural hydrocarbons (-21.5 percent); ships, trains, bikes (-10.8 percent); rubber products, plastics, various minerals (-4.9 percent); electrical & household equipments (-4.3 percent); chemicals (-3.6 percent); textiles, leather (-3.2 percent); industrial and agriculture machinery (-2.6 percent); wood, paper, cardboard (-2.3 percent) and works of arts, technical documentation and publishing products (-2.9 percent).

Purchases decreased from most of the country's trading partners. Those from the Middle East countries fell by 9.5 percent, followed by the Asian countries (-5.3 percent), the EU countries (-1.0 percent), the European outside the EU countries (-17.1 percent) and Africa (-0.6 percent). In contrast, imports increased only from American countries (+).7 percent).

In March 2014, French posted a €3.90  billion trade gap.

French Trade Deficit Narrows in April