Netherlands' Inflation Rate Up to 2.8% in May

Inflation rose in May to 2.8 percent from 2.6 percent in April. The rise in inflation was mainly due to the increase in energy prices, according to data published by the national Statistics Institute.

The biggest upward pressures came from energy (which contributed +0.6 percentage points to the overall index), food and non-alcoholic beverages (+0.4 p.p.), transportation (+0.3 p.p.) and recreation and culture (+0.3 p.p.).

The index for communications was the only negative contribution (-0.1 p.p.) while the price indexes for education and health care remained unchanged (0.0 p.p.).

Inflation, according to the European harmonized method, increased from 2.8 percent in April to 3.1 percent in May. In the euro area, inflation rose to 1.4 percent, 1.7 percentage points below that of Netherlands. This is the biggest difference since July 2002.


CBS | Nuno Fontes |
6/6/2013 9:38:33 AM