Turkey Unemployment Rate Falls in March

Turkish jobless rate decreased to 9.7 percent in March of 2014 from 10.2 percent in February. It is the lowest rate in five months.

Non-agricultural unemployment rate was recorded at 11.6 percent. The number of unemployed persons reached 2 million 747 thousand in March. Unemployment among men was recorded at 9.1 percent while the jobless rate for female reached 11 percent. Youth unemployment rate including 15-24 age group reached 16.7 percent. 

The number of employed persons aged 15 years old and over reached 25 million 583 thousand in March. Of those who were employed, 20.8 percent worked in agriculture, 21 percent in industry, 7.1 percent in construction and 51.2 percent was employed in services. 

The employment rate was recorded at 45.1 percent: 64.2 percent for male and 26.5 percent for female.

Turkey Unemployment Rate Falls in March

Turkstat | Joana Taborda | joana.taborda@tradingeconomics.com
6/16/2014 9:40:08 AM