Italy Posts Trade Surplus as Exports Rise in April

In April, Italy posted a trade surplus of € 1.91 billion, compared with a deficit of € 250 million in April of 2012, as exports recovered and imports shrank. Total exports rose 4.4 percent yoy and imports declined 2.6 percent.

The recovery in exports was broadly driven by the rise in shipments towards Belgium (+30.2 percent), Mercosur countries (+21.9 percent) and Asean countries (+19.1 percent). There was an increase in sales of pharmaceutical products, medicinal chemical and botanical products (+29.2 percent) and leather goods, except clothing (+13.4 percent). The increase in shipments of pharmaceuticals products to Belgium, basic metals and fabricated metal products to the OPEC countries and the United States explain almost a third of the rise in exports.

Purchases from OPEC countries (-34.0 percent), United States (-16.0 percent), and Switzerland (-7.9 percent) registered a sharp decline, due to falling imports of mineral and quarrying products, except oil and gas (-31.9 percent), natural gas (-26.4 percent) and refined petroleum products (-12.2 percent).

With European Union countries, Italy registered a trade surplus of € 441 million, narrowing from a surplus of € 650 million in April 2012. Exports to EU nations were up 3.1 percent year-on-year, compared to a rise of 4.5 percent in imports. In the first four months of the year, Italy posted a global trade surplus of 4.626 billion euros, compared with a deficit of around 4.2 billion euros in Jan-April 2012.

Italy Posts Trade Surplus as Exports Rise in April

ISTAT | Nuno Fontes |
6/17/2013 9:29:59 AM