Mexico Trade Surplus Down to 4-Month Low

Mexican trade surplus narrowed for the second consecutive month to USD 132 million in May of 2014 from USD 510 million in the previous month. A year earlier, the country posted a USD 460 million deficit.

Although Mexico recorded its fourth consecutive trade surplus in May, the longest streak in almost two years, it was the lowest figure in the last four months. On a seasonally adjusted basis, both exports and imports increased 1.3 percent in May over the previous month.

Year-on-year, exports rose 4.7 percent to USD 34.383 million in May. Oil shipments increased 3.6 percent and non-oil exports grew 4.8 percent. Among non-oil sales, exports increased for manufactured products (4.7 percent), particularly machinery and equipment for industry (18.0 percent), professional and scientific equipment (9.6 percent) and automotive products (9.5 percent). Sales of agriculture and fish increased 2.3 year-on-year. Non-oil sales to the United States rose 5 percent while those to the rest of the world increased 4 percent.

Imports increased 2.8 percent yoy to USD 34.251 million in May. Oil imports declined 4.6 percent and non-oil purchases increased 3.7 percent. Imports increased for intermediate goods (+4.2 percent), and capital goods (+0.2 percent), while declined for consumption goods (-2.7 percent).

Mexico Trade Surplus Down to 4-Month Low

INEGI | Isabel Felino |
6/27/2014 4:15:48 PM