Kenya Inflation Rate Slows To 4-Month Low of 9.21%

Consumer prices in Kenya increased 9.21 percent year-on-year in June 2017, easing from a 11.7 percent rise in the previous month. It is the lowest inflation rate since February, mostly due to a slowdown in prices of fresh food and fuels.

Compared to June of 2016, prices slowed for: food and non-alcoholic drinks (15.81 percent vs 21.52 percent in May); transport (4.23 percent vs 4.64 percent); restaurants and hotels (5.66 percent vs 5.88 percent); miscellaneous goods and services (3.96 percent vs 4.11 percent); recreation and culture (1.51 percent vs 1.80 percent), health (2.85 percent vs 3.10 percent) and education (2.84 percent vs 2.85 percent). In addition, cost increased at the same pace for clothing and footwear (3.99 percent) and communication (0.11 percent).

On the other hand, inflation accelerated for housing and utilities (2.96 percent vs 2.90 percent) and furniture and household equipment (3.40 percent vs 3.28 percent).

Month-on-month, consumer prices declined 1.2 percent compared to a 0.75 percent gain in the previous month. Cost decreased for food and non-alcoholic beverages (-2.74 percent vs 1.26 percent in May), due to a significant falls in prices of potatoes, sukuma wiki, maize flour, cabbages and milk. Also, prices decreased for alcoholic beverages and tobacco (-0.11 percent vs 0.48 percent) and transport (-0.1 percent vs 0.1 percent).

Kenya Inflation Rate Slows To 4-Month Low of 9.21%

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics |Luisa Carvalho |
6/30/2017 4:04:24 PM