US Manufacturing Growth at 5-Month High

The Institute for Supply Management index of national factory activity was 53.5 in June, up from 52.8 in May and better than market expectations. It is the highest figure since January as new orders and job creation increased.

The New Orders Index registered 56 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage point from the reading of 55.8 percent in May. 

The Production Index registered 54 percent, 0.5 percentage point below the May reading of 54.5 percent. 

The Employment Index registered 55.5 percent, 3.8 percentage points above the May reading of 51.7 percent, reflecting growing employment levels from May at a faster rate. Inventories of raw materials registered 53 percent, an increase of 1.5 percentage points from the May reading of 51.5 percent. 

The Prices Index registered 49.5 percent, the same reading as in May, indicating lower raw materials prices for the eighth consecutive month. 

Comments from the panel indicate mostly stable to improving business conditions, with the notable exception relating to the oil and gas markets. Also noted is the negative effect on egg prices and availability due to the avian flu outbreak.

US Manufacturing Growth at 5-Month High

ISM |Joana Taborda |
7/1/2015 3:09:42 PM