Mozambique Inflation Rate Slightly Down in June

In June of 2013, Mozambican inflation rate slowed for the first time in six months to 4.86 percent, from 4.9 percent in May, as food prices eased.

On the year-over-year basis, cost of education recorded the highest annual increase (+ 9.89 percent) and prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages increased 6.06 percent, from 6.49 percent in the previous month.

Year-on-year, prices in Maputo, Beira and Nampula grew by 5.2 percent, 2.12 percent and 5.63 percent, respectively. 

From May to June, the inflation rate declined by 0.38 percent, mainly due to a drop in food prices. Cost of coconut went down by 12 percent; cabbages by 11.2 percent; tomatoes by 7.8 percent; beans by 4.9 percent; corn flour by 1 percent and lettuce by 6.5 percent. In contrast, coal prices accounted positively for the monthly inflation rate. 

Month-over-month, the inflation declined by 1.16 percent and 0.45 percent in Maputo and Beira, respectively, while in Nampula prices increased by 0.08 percent. 

Considering the first six months of 2013 together, from January to June, prices rose by 2.26 percent. 

Mozambique Inflation Rate Slightly Down in June

Joana Taborda |
7/9/2013 1:11:47 PM