Portugal Inflation Rate Eases in June

Portuguese consumer prices increased 0.80 percent year-on-year in June of 2015, slightly down from a 0.95 percent growth in May, as cost of clothing and footwear fell at a faster pace and transport prices declined.

Compared to June 2014, clothing and footwear prices fell 3.44 percent compared to a 2.54 percent decline in May; and transport cost went down 0.20 percent after increasing 1.04 percent in the previous month. 

Upward pressure came from: Food and non-alcoholic beverages (+1.95 percent); housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (+0.62 percent); restaurants and hotels (+1.54 percent); furnishings and household equipment (+0.78 percent); health (+0.49 percent); communication (+4.90 percent); and education (+0.51 percent). In contrast, prices of recreation and culture declined 0.53 percent.

Core inflation was recorded at 0.60 percent, down from 0.75 percent in the previous month.

On a monthly basis, consumer prices fell 0.08 percent, after rising 0.43 percent last month. Prices of clothing and footwear declined 1.87 percent, recreation and culture cost went down 0.22 percent and restaurants and hotels prices decreased 0.10 percent.

Portugal Inflation Rate Eases in June

INE | joana.ferreira@tradingeconomics.com
7/10/2015 11:43:18 AM