Italy Trade Surplus Widens 22% in May

Italy trade surplus increased 22 percent year-on-year to EUR 5.03 billion in May of 2016, from a EUR 4.11 billion surplus a year earlier. It was the highest value for a May month since at least 1991 as exports increased 2.4 percent while imports fell 0.2 percent.

Exports grew to EUR 36.16 billion boosted by higher sales of food, beverages and tobacco (+12.1 percent) and computer, electronic and optical equipment (+11.7 percent) while shipments of refined petroleum products (-35.4 percent) fell.

The biggest increases in exports were recorded for Japan (+12.4 percent) and also for the EU (+5.8 percent) boosted by Czech Republic (+12.1 percent) and Spain (+10.2 percent) while main drops were recorded for MERCOSUR (-24.8 percent) and OPEC (-10.9 percent).

Imports fell to EUR 31.12 billion mainly weighed by natural gas (-38.3 percent) and coke and refined petroleum products (-24.7 percent) while purchases were higher for automobiles (+26.4 percent) and machinery and equipment (+10.1 percent). 

Italy Trade Surplus Widens 22% in May

Istat | Francisco Caeiro |
7/15/2016 12:34:51 PM