Ducth Unemployment Rises Again in June

In June, Netherlands' unemployment rate increased for the 10th successive month and hit 8.5 percent. The rate is up from 6.3 percent in June of 2012 and 5.0 percent in June of 2011.

In June, the number of unemployed increased by 16 thousand over the previous month and reached 675 thousand persons. Compared with January of this year, there were over 100 thousand more unemployed.

The biggest increase in unemployment was registered in the age group of over-45 years-old, which increased by 21 thousand since March of 2012. In the same period, among people in the 25-45 years-old age group, unemployment increased by 6 thousand persons.

Unemployment benefits increased by 4 thousand to 382 thousand over the previous month. Of the 39 thousand benefits terminated, half were due to return to work.

Ducth Unemployment Rises Again in June

ONS | Nuno Fontes | nuno@tradingeconomics.com
7/18/2013 8:47:28 AM