Italian Unemployment Rate Rises to 12.7% in June

Jobless rate in Italy increased unexpectedly to 12.7 percent in June of 2015, from an upwardly revised 12.5 percent in the previous month, as unemployment increased by 1.7 percent while employment fell slightly by 0.1 percent. It was the highest value in seven months.

In June, the number of unemployed persons rose to 3.233 million from 3.178 million in May 2015. While the number of employed persons fell to 22.297 million from 22.320 million in the previous month. Employment rate was 55.8 percent (-0.1 p.p.) and inactivity rate was 35.9 percent (-0.1 p.p.). 

Youth unemployment rate (aged 15-24) increased by 1.9 p.p. to 44.2 percent, reaching the highest level recorded so far.

Year-on-year, employment rate remained unchanged while unemployment rate increased by 0.3 p.p. Youth unemployment rate went up by 1.9 p.p. 

 Italian Unemployment Rate Rises to 12.7% in June

Istat |
7/31/2015 9:45:24 AM