Japan Reports Trade Surplus in July

Japan reported a trade surplus of 72.5 billion yen in July, a drop of 90.8% compared to a year ago, the Ministry of Finance said on August 18.

Exports felt 3.3 percent on year to 5.781 trillion yen, the fifth straight month.

Exports to Asia were down 2.7 percent on year to 3.249 trillion yen. Exports to China eased 1.0 percent on year to 1.145 trillion yen, reversing the previous month's gains. Exports to the United States declined by an annual 8.2 percent to 892.513 billion yen. Exports to the European Union climbed 6.0 percent on year to 670.727 billion yen, rising for the second straight month.

Imports jumped 9.9 percent on year to 5.709 trillion yen, rising for the 19th straight month.

Imports from Asia rose added 8.5 percent on year to 2.561 trillion yen, while imports from China alone rose an annual 6.7 percent to 1.218 trillion yen. Imports from the United States declined an annual 5.3 percent to 474.220 billion yen. Exports from the European Union climbed 7.7 percent on year to 538.478 billion yen.

 Japan Reports Trade Surplus in July

8/18/2011 12:25:58 PM