Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus in July

Indonesia posted a USD 0.13 billion trade surplus in July of 2014, compared with a USD 2.32 billion deficit a year earlier, as imports fell about three times more than exports.

Indonesia exported USD 14.18 billion in July of 2014, a 6.03 percent fall compared to the same month a year ago. While oil exports grew 8.21 percent, overseas shipments for non-oil products gained robustly by 19.08 percent.

Inbound shipments declined to USD 14.05 billion in July, a 19.3 percent contraction from the same month last year.

On a monthly basis, oil exports fell 8.59 percent in July, while sales of non-oil products declined 7.86 percent. Imports of oil in the month shrank 8.42 percent and purchases of non-oil products  fell 2.42 percent.

Sales to China and Japan decreased 10.78 percent and 8.43 percent respectively compared to a month earlier. Shipments to the US and Taiwan also fell by 7.57 percent and 11.05 percent. Exports to Australia grew robustly 31.3 percent in July of 2014 from a month earlier, while those to India rose by 11.36 percent.

All purchases from main countries in July of 2014 were down compared to the preceding month: those from the USA fell 28.7 percent, China (-19.3 percent), Japan (-12.7 percent), South Korea (-29.2 percent), the European Union countries (-25.2 percent) and from the ASEAN countries (-17.1 percent).

In June of 2014, the country posted a revised USD 0.288 billion trade gap. 

Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus in July

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9/1/2014 11:15:32 AM