French Trade Deficit Narrows in August

In August, France's trade deficit narrowed slightly to €4.91 billion from a downward revised gap of €5.08 billion in July. Imports fell 4.1 percent from a year earlier while exports decreased 2.4 percent.

In August, French exports fell by 2.4 percent yoy to €35.98 billion, driven by lower pharmaceuticals, oil, industrial machinery and electronic devices. Increases were registered in airbus and business aircraft exports, military equipment and agricultural products.

Exports to the European Union were unchanged while sales to America and Africa decreased. Shipments to Asia and the Middle East were up on the year.

Imports fell to €40.89 billion driven by lower energy purchases. Inflows of other chemicals and jewellery also decreased. Purchases of agricultural products continue to rise. Imports of aircraft parts and motor vehicles increased slightly.

French Trade Deficit Narrows in August

Ministry of Finance | Nuno Fontes |
10/8/2013 9:56:33 AM