French Trade Deficit Widens in September

French trade gap increased to € 5.78 billion in August of 2014 from € 5.5 billion recorded in the previous month, as a drop in imports was unable to offset a fall in exports. 
Le Chiffre du Commerce Exterieur l Rida l 10/9/2014 8:37:08 AM
On a monthly basis, exports fell 1.4 percent to € 35.6 billion in August from a revised € 36.1 billion a month ago, mainly due to further decline of aircraft deliveries and chemical, refined oil, wheat and industrial equipment.

Shipments to the US and Asia, China, Thailand and Australia deccreased.

Imports declined 0.7 percent to € 41.4 billion in August from  € 41.7 billion in July, driven by lower purchases of  aerospace, natural hydrocarbons, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, metal and industrial machinery and jewelry.

Imports from Africa and European countries outside the EU decreased, while those to the US increased.

Year-on-year, exports fell 0.2 percent in August while imports advanced 0.9 percent. 

French Trade Deficit Widens in September