China's Inflation Rate Remains High in September

China's consumer prices rose 6.1 percent, down from August's 6.2 percent but well above the government's 4 percent target for the year. Food price inflation held steady at August's level of 13.4 percent., National Bureau of Statistics China 10/14/2011 3:38:36 PM

Stubbornly high inflation has persisted despite government moves to rein in soaring food and housing prices, which officials fear could cause social unrest as citizens grow angry at higher costs.

September price rises were driven by a 43.5 percent jump in the price of pork, a 14.2 percent increase for eggs and 11.9 percent for grain.

Food prices are of particular concern, as they affect the daily lives of everyone in the country, with foodstuffs accounting for more than one-third of the monthly spending of the average Chinese consumer.