Russia Unemployment Rate at 10-Month Low

Russian jobless rate decreased to 5.2 percent in September from 5.3 percent in August and below market expectations. It is the lowest rate since November of 2014 as the number of unemployed and economically active people decreased.

The number of unemployed people decreased by 35 thousand to 4032 thousand in September. A year earlier, the figure was 3720 thousand. 

The number of economically active people decreased to 77.0 million (53 percent of population) in September from 77.4 million in the previous month. Compared to September of 2014 the figure increased by 1.3 million.

Nominal wages rose 4.5 percent year-on-year to an average RUB 33140 (+5.3 percent in August) and real pay fell 9.7 percent after dropping by 9.0 percent in the previous month. Real disposable income shrank 4.3 percent (-5.3 percent in August).

Russia Unemployment Rate at 10-Month Low

Yekaterina |
10/19/2015 4:25:15 PM