Brazil Unemployment Rate Below Expectations

The jobless rate in Brazil was recorded at 7.6 percent in September, the same as in August. Unemployment paused its upward trend for the first time in 11 months but remained at its highest level since March of 2010.

The number of unemployed persons in six of Brazil’s major metropolitan areas was nearly unchanged at 1.853 million (1.857 million in August). Meanwhile, employment fell by 41,000 to 22.683 million. Out of those who have a job, 11.3 percent is being paid the minimum wage (11.6 percent in August) while 2.0 percent said could work more hours (1.8 percent in August).

The economically active population fell by 45,000 to 24.536 million and the participation rate decreased slightly to 55.9 percent from 56 percent in August. Yet, there were 19.323 million people detached from the labour force in September, 11,000 more than in August.

In September, real wages fell 0.8 percent from the previous month to BRL 2179.8. Year-on-year, wages shrank 4.3 percent.

A year earlier, unemployment was lower at 4.9 percent, there were less 670 thousand unemployed people and employment was 1.8 percent higher. 

Brazil Unemployment Rate Below Expectations

Joana Taborda |
10/22/2015 12:25:33 PM