Italy Economy Stalls for the First Time Since 2014

The Italian economy showed no growth in the third quarter of 2018, following a 0.2 percent expansion in the previous period and below market expectations of a 0.1 percent growth, the preliminary estimate showed. It was the weakest performance since the last quarter of 2014 when the GDP also stagnated.

On the domestic demand side, there was a null contribution by both change in inventories and net exports.

On the production side, industry contracted while services  and agriculture, forestry and fishing advanced.

Year-on-year, the economy grew by 0.8 percent in the three months to September, slowing from a 1.2 percent expansion in the prior period and missing market expectations of 0.9 percent. It was the weakest growth rate since the second quarter of 2015.

Italy Economy Stalls for the First Time Since 2014

Istat | Stefanie Moya |
10/30/2018 10:35:38 AM