Indonesia Trade Deficit Narrows in September

In September of 2014, Indonesia's trade gap decreased to USD 0.27 billion from a USD 0.80 billion deficit a year earlier as exports grew faster than imports. In August, the country posted a revised USD 0.31 billion trade deficit.

Year-on-year, exports amounted to USD 15.27 billion, a 3.87 percent increase. Oil exports rose 8.61 percent compared to the same month last year, while overseas shipments for non-oil products gained 2.94 percent. Imports amounted to USD 15.54 billion, a 0.23 percent increase from the same month last year.

On a monthly basis, oil exports rose 0.94 percent in September, while sales of non-oil products increased 6.48 percent. Sales to China and the US rose 13.93 percent and 9.10 percent respectively compared to a month earlier. Outward shipments to Australia rebounded by 49.0  percent after registering a 34.5 percent fall in August. Exports to other major destinations were up from the previous month, namely to the South Korea (+26.19 percent),  the ASEAN countries (+5.51 percent) and Japan (+6.68 percent). In contrast, sales to the EU dropped the most by 11.74 percent, while those to India and Taiwan shrank by 0.85 percent and 4.34 percent respectively.

Imports of oil products in the month increased 7.42 percent and purchases of non-oil products rose 4.39 percent. Purchases from main countries increased compared to the preceding month: those from China accelerated 14.27 percent, Taiwan (+23.17 percent), the EU (+8.95 percent) and the ASEAN countries (+1.08 percent). However, imports from the US and India fell by 5.62 percent and 12.52 percent respectively.

Indonesia Trade Deficit Narrows in September

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11/3/2014 10:06:38 AM