Turkish Jobless Rate Rises to 11.1% in August

The Turkish unemployment rate increased to 11.1 percent in August of 2018 from 10.6 percent in the same month of the previous year.

The number of unemployed went up 266 thousand from a year earlier to 3.67 million in August, and employment rose 490 thousand to 29.32 million. The non-farm sector added 745 thousand jobs, namely in industry and services while the number of construction workers declined, and the farm sector lost 256 thousand jobs. Meanwhile, the number of people detached from the labour force decreased 24 thousand to 27.75 million. The participation rate went up to 54.3 percent in August from 53.7 percent a year ago, and the employment rate advanced to 48.3 percent from 48 percent.

The non-agricultural jobless rate inched up to 13.2 percent in August from 12.8 percent in the previous year.

Youth unemployment rate, measuring job-seekers between 15 and 24 years old, edged up to 20.8 percent from 20.6 percent in the same month a year ago. 

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the unemployment rate rose to 11.2 percent in August from 11.0 percent in July.

Turkish Jobless Rate Rises to 11.1% in August

Turkish Statistical Institute | Chusnul Ch Manan | chusnul@tradingeconomics.com
11/15/2018 12:49:36 PM