GDP Last Reference
GDP (USD Billion) 3.06 Dec/17

Prices Last Reference
Inflation Rate (%) -2.7 Jan/21
Consumer Price Index CPI (points) 96.9 Jan/21
Cpi Housing Utilities (points) 97.87 Jan/21
Cpi Transportation (points) 93.93 Jan/21
Food Inflation (%) -3.1 Jan/21
Inflation Rate Mom (%) -0.2 Jan/21

Money Last Reference
Deposit Interest Rate (%) 2.2 Dec/19

Trade Last Reference
Balance of Trade (AFI Million) -290 Jun/20
Exports (AFI Million) 21 Jun/20
Imports (AFI Million) 310 Jun/20
Gold Reserves (Tonnes) 3.11 Dec/20

Government Last Reference
Government Budget (% of GDP) -0.1 Dec/19
Credit Rating 55 Mar/21

Taxes Last Reference
Corporate Tax Rate (%) 25 Dec/20
Personal Income Tax Rate (%) 52 Dec/20
Sales Tax Rate (%) 1.5 Dec/20

Business Last Reference
Internet Speed (KBps) 10426 Mar/17
IP Addresses (IP) 28076 Mar/17

Health Last Reference
Coronavirus Cases (Persons) 8009 Mar/21
Coronavirus Deaths (Persons) 76 Mar/21
Coronavirus Recovered (Persons) 7796 Mar/21

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