Jan/01 New Year's Day
Jan/07 Victory Over Genocide Day
Feb/19 Meak Bochea Day
Mar/08 International Women's Day
Apr/14 New Year
Apr/15 New Year
Apr/16 New Year
May/01 Labour Day
May/13 King's Birthday
May/14 King's Birthday
May/15 King's Birthday
May/18 Visak Bochea Day
May/20 Day of Remembrance
May/22 Royal Plowing Ceremony
Jun/01 International Children Day
Jun/18 King's Mother Birthday
Sep/24 Constitutional Day
Sep/27 Pchum Ben Day
Sep/28 Pchum Ben Day
Sep/29 Pchum Ben Day
Oct/15 Commemoration Day of Kings Father
Oct/23 Paris Peace Agreements Day
Oct/29 King's Coronation Day
Nov/09 Independence Day
Nov/10 Water Festival
Nov/11 Water Festival
Nov/12 Water Festival
Dec/10 International Human Rights Day