Jan/01 New Year’s Day
Jan/06 Epiphany
Mar/02 Green Monday
Mar/25 Greek Independence Day
Apr/01 Greek Cypriot Day
Apr/17 Good Friday
Apr/20 Orthodox Easter Monday
Apr/21 Orthodox Easter Tuesday
May/01 Labor Day
Jun/08 Orthodox Pentecost Monday
Aug/15 Assumption of Mary
Oct/01 Cyprus Independence Day
Oct/28 Ochi day
Dec/25 Christmas
Dec/26 Boxing Day
Jan/03 New Year’s Day
Jan/08 Epiphany
Mar/17 Green Monday
Mar/27 Greek Independence Day
Apr/03 Greek Cypriot Day
May/02 Good Friday
May/03 Labor Day
May/05 Orthodox Easter Monday
May/06 Orthodox Easter Tuesday
Jun/23 Orthodox Pentecost Monday
Aug/17 Assumption of Mary
Oct/03 Cyprus Independence Day
Oct/30 Ochi day